Cattle baron JOHN CHISUM, the undisputed “King of the Pecos”, came here to take the waters…

BILL DOOLIN, last of the famous outlaws, was arrested in the bathhouse across the street and imprisoned in the Basin Park Hotel by the US Marshall Bill Tilghman

JOE PARKHILL, playboy entertainer and speakeasy operator, reached the height of his career in the hospitality field managing the Basin Park Hotel in the 40s and 50s - during the “Little Chicago” days at the Basin Park - and experienced a sudden fall.

US Senator, lawyer, local property magnate, visionary, and the grandfather of Eureka Springs, CLAUDE FULLER, ran the Basin Park Hotel from behind the scenes for half a century.

Spiritual teacher or left-over hippie? REVEREND HANSEN appeared in Eureka Springs one day in 1975, bought the Basin Park Hotel outright for cash, ran it as a museum for a decade and sold it at 400% profit. What else was going on within these walls during the wild and crazy Reverend’s tenure?


Such a mystery - sweet little articles in the weekly paper about daffodils and her nice neighbors, ukeleles and hiking clubs yet she really was, to put it bluntly, a lady of the evening living inside the Basin Park Hotel with her rent "covered" by an area banker.

The presences of the characters who created the accidental city in the wilderness can still be sensed in the rooms and corridors of this legendary hotel, drenched in story, that stands at the heart of “the miracle city”, “little Switzerland in the Ozarks,”  “the Stair Step town,”  “the town that appeared overnight,” “the city built on water,” “the place where the misfits fit” - Eureka Springs.

Within these walls, the presences linger....

Take the Spirits of the Basin; history and mysteries of the Basin Park Hotel tour and meet the cattle baron, the outlaw, the US Senator, the temperance worker, the playboy bootlegger, the Chicago gangsters, the famous folklorist, the museum curator and Presley fan, the madam, the musicians, the millionaires - and the ghosts…